When we say “tree care,” we mean precisely that. We highly recommend that a professional be consulted at least once a year to ensure the safety and health of your large trees. We recommend routine inspection, proper pruning, mulching and fertilization, and when necessary, removal. Tree projects big or small, we’re prepared to begin working immediately on the following:

Crown Thinning
In order to achieve a healthy structure, we carefully thin the tree crown. This specialized pruning allows more light to enter promoting long-term health and growth.
Crown Lifting
We remove stray branches from the main trunk to enhance visibility under the canopy and provide access for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
Crown Reduction
We reduce the size of the canopy to make sure there is a flowering line.
Dead Wooding
For continued tree health, we remove broken, dead, or dying limbs from the tree crown. This promotes the safety of people and property nearby.
Support Systems
Tree cabling and bracing helps prevent large tree limbs from dangerous falling. We install steel, wire, rope, or synthetic fiber between limbs to limit movement and help support weak joints. Support bracing is essential in schools, parks, college campus grounds, and other high-traffic wooded areas.
Lightning Protection Systems
Your lightning protection systems are tailored to customer needs. Our systems can help reduce tree damage, channeling electricity to the ground via series of rods and cables.
Stump Grinding
We grind and remove multiple tree stumps and backfill with a combination of mulch and topsoil. We can also remove excess mulch at the homeowner’s request.
We use pruning, mulching, soil aeration, and watering to keep trees healthy. When fertilization is required, we are conservative in our use of natural or chemical fertilizer.
Tree Removal
Dying or potentially dangerous trees sometimes require removal. We have the equipment, personnel, training and experience to do the job safely and efficiently. Hazard tree removal is recommended for trees hit by lightning, topped trees, trees with fruiting bodies, root rot, visible damage, and more. Ask us for an assessment.
Tree Topping
All our work complies with ANSI-A300 standards. Tree topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches to stubs or lateral branches that are not large enough to assume the terminal role. Topping removes 50% to 100% of the leaf-bearing crown, starves the tree, promotes shock, invites disease, destructive insects and possibly even tree death.
Forestry Mowing/Bush Hogging
Mechanical mulching in urban settings and forest settings used for right of ways, property lines, mechanical fuel reduction, lot clearing and more.