Do the Job Right the “first” time

A bad pruning can ruin a tree. It is imperative that you employ a Louisiana licensed arborist. Inquire about the company’s equipment, the procedure for getting the work completed and how much experience does the company have in performing these tasks. You want the job to be done correctly and efficiently.

Price & Quality

A licensed arborist prices can’t compete with individuals working out of a pick-up truck who can offer the lowest price for doing your work. With low prices often breeds poor quality. Take your time and compare services and determine the best job for your money. Bofinger’s Tree Service offers a fair price, top quality, and a long-standing professional relationship.

Insurance Coverage

If an accident occurs on your property and the company your hired does not carry the appropriate insurance coverage, you can damage your financial future. Protect yourself with requiring the company to show you its certificate of insurance indicating both general liability and workman’s compensation from the insuring agency. An important tip: Contact the insurance company and inquire if the policy covers code 0106 (the code for tree workers). Many companies fall short of this important factor and pay a landscape code which is less expensive—if an accident occurs, the company is not covered. Be persistent. Protect yourself.

Clean Up Policy

A reputable company will not leave a mess behind. When the work is completed, all debris is removed regardless of the size of your job. (as per EBR Code of Ordinances Section 6:386.1)